Welcome to Hazara University (HU), Mansehra)! We thank you for visiting us in person or through our website/Social media. Transformation from school and college set-up into a university marks the beginning of a focused yet ceaseless endeavor. Choosing a university ​for higher education needs great effort and care. It is important to consider any university keeping in view - the aptitude, relevance, scope, and career prospects. I feel happy to tell you about the academic, research and professional culture of the Hazara University that provides a balanced combination of attributes one may consider in the choice of seat for higher and professional education.

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Jamia Al Malik Abdul Aziz bin Abdul Rahman (Islamic Center), Hazara University, Mosque Mansehra Scope of Services: Conceptual Architectural & Area development Plan. Period: December 2007 to July 2008 but completed in 2015 Client: HRH Prince Ahmad Bin Abdul Aziz Lead Consultants: Saudi Consulting Services (Saudconsult) Riyadh. KSA. The project consisted of the central Jamia Mosque for Hazara University campus in Mansehra. The university was through extensive development after the 2005 earthquake, the Saudi Arabian Prince HRH Prince Ahmad Bin Abdul Aziz pledged an amount for the construction of mosque in northern areas of Pakistan , the site was selected after joint efforts by the federal governments earthquake reconstruction and rehabilitation authority, (ERRA) and Ministry of interior (MOI) KSA.

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